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Our Courses

  • Induction Course

    Please select one batch for introduction

  • Qaida

    The Qaidah class aims to introduce the basics of reading the Qur’an in Arabic. This class is designed for all …

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  • Tajweed Advanced

    For those who have completed the previous classes, in Advanced Tajweed, their skills and knowledge will be further refined by …

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  • Tajweed Intermediate

    The intention of this class is to solidify students’ understanding of how the different rulings of Tajweed interplay and to …

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  • Tajweed Beginner

    The purpose of the Basic Tajweed class is to further students who already possess fundamental knowledge of Qur’an reading. They …

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  • Hifdh

    The Hifdh class is a journey of effort and dedication to commit the Words of Allah to memory. During this …

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