IQ Community Library

Welcome to IQ Community Library, a vibrant hub where the love for reading and sharing knowledge takes centre stage. Founded on the generosity of the community, our library thrives on the spirit of giving, as people come together to donate their old books. The act of donating a book is not just about sharing; it’s a communal investment into reviving the culture of reading.

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Please Note

Fiction Books

Fiction books, with their diverse stories and imaginative landscapes, explore a myriad of themes that may not align with Islam, considering many of these books are written by non-Muslims. These books may present storylines, characters, or ideas that contradict the Islamic ethos and hence, readers should approach such literature with discernment.

Non-Fiction Books

While fiction books invite us into the imagination of the author, non-fiction books purports to convey factual information, providing insights into the real world. They differ in their levels of truthfulness and accuracy, demanding readers to exercise caution in navigating its pages. Authors may inadvertently inject personal biases, rely on incomplete data and it is imperative to approach these writings with a discerning eye, evaluating sources, cross-referencing information, and considering the author’s perspective. Only the Qur’an and the Sunnah are free of error.

Final Note

As a community library, there will be books on the spectrum of truthfulness and accuracy and these books do not reflect the views/opinions of IQ itself. As a parent, please exercise the necessary caution when you or your child is borrowing books.

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