There are two sections to the IQ Madrasah, the Maktab Class for younger children and Hifdh Class for older children.

Maktab Clas

In the Maktab Class, students learn how to read the Qur’an, duas, Islamic studies etc



Option 1 – Mon-Fri 4.30-6pm inshaAllah

Option 2 – Mon-Fri 6.15-7.40pm inshaAllah

Option 3 – Sat /Sun 2-5pm inshaAllah


Hifdh Class

Students memorise the Qur’an. Along with this, students also study Fiqh, memorise 40 Hadith, Arabic and Tajweed.



Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm (on Fri finish 7.30pm due to Youth Club)

For further information please speak with M. Suhail on +44 7914 812217


Please make form filled in and then the details are emailed to