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The Qur'an School

We endeavour to create the World’s largest FREE online Qur’an School inshaAllah. This will be a free online platform that provides a convenient, stress-free learning opportunity to Muslims (male or female, young or old) to reconnect with the Qur’an. Establishing the Words of Allah in the hearts and lives of Muslims by creating concrete foundations in the form of familiarity, love, enthusiasm, reciting, memorising, understanding and acting are the foundations of change.

Lessons will cover

Qaidah - Basic

Basic to Advanced Tajweed


Students will also receive certification upon completion of the respective levels.

Our vision is based on the following book, “40 Hadith on the Qur’ān: Principles for the Bearer of the Qur’ān” https://www.quranproject.org/40-Hadith-on-the-Quran–575-d

Qur’an in Action: 

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